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A FUNDRAISER FOR Sea Shepherd and the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

tickets – $15 – purchased from the candy bar or online at WWW.SOUTHCOASTTICKETS.COM.AU

Dan Aykroyd – Paul Watson – Peter Hammarstedt
Rating: PG – mild themes and animal slaughter
Genre: Documentary / Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 28 minutes

Set far from the world’s eyes in Antarctica, the most inhospitable environment on Earth, the Japanese so-called “Research” fleet IS openly harvesting thousands of whales in the world’s only international Whale Sanctuary.

On the one SIDE is, Sea Shepherd, a volunteer guerrilla navy funded by the citizens of the world, and on the other side is the Japanese Whaling Fleet, hell bent on killing protected Minke whales.

Narrated by the legendary Dan Aykroyd, and featuring never-before-seen footage, DEFEND, CONSERVE, PROTECT is an empowering documentary set in the most pristine and ferocious environment on Earth — the Great Southern Ocean — where whales play a vital role in marine ecology and greenhouse warming.

With striking images of ships colliding, whales being slaughtered and incredibly courageous young people standing up for what they know is right, DEFEND, CONSERVE, PROTECT creates an unfolding sense of drama that will have audiences on the edge of their seats and questioning just why the Japanese continue to pursue their controversial whaling agenda.